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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Coffee Girl!

Here are some pictures from our favorite coffee shop, Coffee Girl, in Astoria. The coffee shop is built out on Pier 39, and used to be a working cannery. These were taken on March 15th. It was nice because my dad was here visiting for a few days. So he was able to spend some time with Teagan and me.

Teagan and Grandpa, Lee.
With every cup of coffee they make a neat design on top.

Happy Grandpa.

Here is Sheryl's coffee, neat huh!

Grandpa and Teagan checking it out outside, looking at the ships in the river.

Here is a view looking Northwest at the Astoria bridge, Meglar Bridge really. It is 4 1/2miles long and connects Oregon to Washington.

Grandpa and Teagan relaxing.

Hi baby.

Cuddly baby, in my arms, best feeling ever!

Me and Teagan, yes, he likes to hold on to my shirt.

This is the back side of the coffee shop.

Just in case you fall into the Columbia....

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