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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Play Time Outside

Mark it down on the calender folks, it was a nice sunny day here in Astoria! The sun was shinning, it was beautiful, and a high about 60, break out the shorts!

I thought it would be nice for Teagan do play outside on his play mat. I tried to put a hat on him, but it was a little big and he wasn't going for it anyway. He cried most of the time but I was able to distract him a few times. Both Kiely and Meow were outside joining us in the nice weather for a little bit.

The sun is in my eyes, mom!

"I do not like this hat!"

"Please take it off me!"

"Well, ok, this is not so bad."

Kiely was hanging out with us, while Meow was in the shade sitting under James' truck.

"I am getting board now."

"Hum, what's that?"

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