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Sunday, October 11, 2009

We Made It Across!

Today was the day, Sunday the 11th, that I did the Great Columbia Crossing. Over 3,000 people participated! I was joined by my high school friend, Kelli, and our friend Bonnie. It was freezing! We were told to catch the bus no later than 7:00am to go over to Washington, which we did. It was the first bus that left Astoria, and it dropped us off at Dismal Nitch Rest Area, in Washington. Below is a picture of me in front of the sign, shivering. It was still dark out that you can only see my outline. Kelli checked the current temperature and it said it was 42 degrees but felt like 38! Yes, I was the only person wearing a tank top, and Capri jogging pants with no coat! Next year I'll know better! I have to say it was fun, and always much more fun with a group of your friends. It was great to have Bonnie and Kelli as support, and we supported each other. There was a 2 hour time limit to do the race, and I am happy to report that we did it in 1hr 20 minutes! It was a total of 6.2 miles.


It was a beautiful sunrise!
Here we are. I stole Bonnie's coat for a while.
Kelli, me, and Bonnie.

This clown was so strange. He was disgruntled, walking around smoking and leaving his iced (why, I don't know) drink cup in a spot other than the garbage.

In the distance you can see the bridge that is crossing to Astoria, Oregon!

We are off!
You can see the runners in front leading the way.

Bonnie and Kelli.
"You Go Girls!"

Here is a directional sign.
Mental note: Turn left and go across the bridge!

We are on the bridge, starting across the 4.1 mile journey to Astoria.

No we are not walking the wrong direction, we are just keeping the pace, just backwards.
Just note I'm the only one in a tank top and Capri's.

Kelli and I in front of the "Welcome to Oregon" sign.

Yay, Go Girls!
Happy that the sun did came out, so that I could warm up!

Here I am, number 3032!

Looking South to Astoria, and seeing the steep incline that rises 200ft!

Made it to the top!
I like how the sun in shinning down on the structure.

Up we go!
You can see Kelli and Bonnie making their way up to the top too!

Yay, the top!

Looking over the side to see the finish line below. You can see how the bridge curves around with people all the way around.

Looking back on what we've done so far.

On the downward curve!

We are so happy, almost there!

Here are the welcoming signs: "Welcome to Clatsop County," and the other one says," Welcome to Astoria".

Welcome to Oregon!Kelli and Bonnie.

Me and Bonnie!


  1. Laurel, what a great post! It really shows the event, and since I wasn't there, I'm very happy to see it in your photos. I loved all of your descriptions! :) That's quite a good morning's walk!

  2. Wow, almost makes me wish I'd gotten up early and missed some football. Almost. Looks like fun though, maybe next year!

  3. Lovely photos, Laurel! I was there too but missed seeing lots of people because of the crowd. The weather was the best this year!

  4. Nice job ladies!! Beautiful weather thankfully.

  5. Great photos that warmed my heart and great spirit. Do goosebumps build character?

  6. Hi Laurel,
    Its Mike from A&P class last year. I did the Bridge walk also this year, was really nice this year, a couple of years I did it was wet and rainy. I found this blog through Sheryl's(I assume she is your mother-in-law) Astoria Daily photo on facebook. Funny how you start at one place and end up at entirely different place on the net!!