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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Sun Hat!

Now that it is starting to get nice out, and we love to go to the beach, I wanted to get Teagan a sun hat. So we stopped at the store and bought a sun hat and baby sun block SPF 50! The hat is too funny, it is blue and has pirates on it with palm trees and treasure. It is still a little big for him but he'll grow into it. But we went out to the beach while Adam and Ashley were down, and Teagan got lathered up in sun block and he got to wear his new hat.

I think it is funny.

Me and Teagan.

So cute! (and funny)

It got a little windy, so we put Teagan's pants back on.

Hanging out with Dad.
Nothing like hanging out with Dad and eating Salami!

Daddy and Teagan.

Adam and Ashley

Last weekend we had my brother, Adam, and his girlfriend, Ashely, come down to visit us. They live in Portland, about 2 hours away, and wanted to come to the coast to get away. We all went out to dinner at the Urban Cafe in Astoria. Yum!

Me, Teagan and Uncle Adam.

Uncle Adam and Teagan.
Teagan is sticking his tongue out.

Teagan, Adam, and Ashely.

Ashley and Teagan

James and I

Our little family.

Tickle, tickle.

Another day on the Playmat

I will sometimes put Teagan's play mat down in our office, so that he can play on it while I do my homework. Well, at leased I attempt to do it while he is content for about 10 minutes, then usually becomes board and wants to be picked up. He is getting better about being on his tummy.The doctors say it is good for babies to help them build up their muscles. The call it "Tummy Time."
"What is this!"

Look how big his eyes get while he is trying to focus.


I of course get right down at his level to see what he is seeing.

This is what I see when I turn and check on his while at my computer, Teagan has found himself in the mirror.
(The mirror is a orange stripped fish, he is starring right at it.)


I turned my head for once second, and he had turned over!
(Probably just on accident, since he hadn't been close to roll over on his own.)

"See, I'm all turned over!"

A day at the beach

" Hello out there, can you see me?"

Teagan all bundled up inside his car seat, with his peace beanie on his head.

Off we go!
With my vanilla chai in hand and the baby, both favorites of mine!


Daddy and Teagan

"Yes, Daddy, I'm fine, I'm just sleepy!"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bouncer Time

Can you see me?

Teagan has started to figure out that he can grab the toys.

" Ohh, what is this one?"

Daddy is helping out.

Teagan is talking to the toys.

Too many toys to choose from.

Tummy Time

Trying to focus.

Look at all the colors!

"See how strong I am, lifting my head!"

"Where you talking to me?"

"OK, I've had enough!"

Daddy and Teagan

At our favorite coffee place, Coffee Girl, it is so easy to relax and enjoy.

James watching Teagan sleep.

Proud Papa!

Looking down at his beautiful baby.


Peaceful baby.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Teagan at Coffee Girl with Grandma Tapir

Teagan and I went out last week and meet Sheryl at Coffee Girl on Thursday. We had a nice time just the 3 of us. Sheryl and I had our breakfast and drinks, Teagan had a snack, pooped, had a blowout and had to be changed(always lovely!) Then we went to Sheryl's place and worked on the computer.
Included are some other photos of Teagan.

Teagan in his fresh new outfit after the "blowout" incident.

Teagan really focused on me.

Teagan talking.

Ohhh, what's this...

Relaxed in my arms at Coffee Girl.

Happy Baby!

With me at Coffee Girl.

Teagan flirting with Kathrine, the barista, at Coffee Girl.

Holding onto Grandma Tapir's finger.

Grandma Tapir and Teagan.

Remember "T" is for Tapir!
Looking for a tax break, make a donation to the Tapir Preservation Fund.
You can purchase this sweatshirt and make a donation on Sheryl's Gift Shop Website.