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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dinner with Grandma Tapir

We've got a self feeder here folks!
Grandma Tapir (Sheryl) came over the other night for a visit, and just in time for feeding Teagan dinner. She worked with him on holding his fork and he finally got it. He was able to do it all on his own. Well, maybe with a little help still, but I took some pictures of them and caught it on film. Below are two videos of him feeding himself.

Thanks Grandma!

Showing him how to hold the fork.

Here you hold it.

Into the mouth it goes!

Assisting him to the bowl.

Into the mouth all on his own!

People have wondered if we know if Teagan is right or left handed. If you notice above, half the time he is using his right hand and the other time he is using his left hand.

Apparently, he is still trying to figuring it out.

There may be a black screen, but you should be able to click the play button.

After his ravioli's he had yogurt, which was a new substance to be working with.
Please see below...

Again, there may be a black screen but you should be able to play it.

Well so maybe we shouldn't have had him try the yogurt on his own just yet. hehe.


  1. wait until you try apple sauce or creamed squash. He'll make an amazing mural on his face. I am glad you are treasuring these times. I know it is a thrill for g'ma tapir as well.

  2. Yes! It was fun and cute, but also rather amazing to see him learn how to manage the fork and spoon from the beginning of the meal to the end. At first he didn't quite know what to do, then he got it. Notice that he's stabbing the yogurt with the spoon, because that's how he learned to get the ravioli on the fork!