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Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Play Structure

Grandpa Lee is back from traveling! He was gone for over 4 months on his volunteering adventure and we are happy to have him back! We were able to visit with while he was gone via Skype, so Teagan would still see him and not forget who he was.
This last weekend while Grandpa Lee was visiting us he surprised Teagan with a play structure! We are so excited to have it and yesterday James put it together for him.

While Teagan was taking his nap James put the play structure together.

Even Kiely helped. hehe

Teagan woke up and saw this and new he wanted to try it out.
Up the stairs he went!
Onto the platform.

Spin the wheel!

Teagan's hair blowing in the wind.

A slide!

Down he goes into Daddy's arms!

We put the structure in the back yard.

All ready to be played on!

The structure even has a climbing wall for when Teagan gets bigger!
Thanks Grandpa Lee!

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  1. Thanks so much for taking photos and posting this! It's great fun to see Teagan discovering it. It must be like the first trip to Disneyland. Your yard looks nice, and I've alwyas loved the spring and summer flowers there. The slide even matches the flowers and the house :) It was nice of Grandpa Lee to get this. It will be fun to watch Teagan enjoy it! Once again, nice job on the blog post.