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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cousin Kloden

Three weeks ago James cousin Jared, and his wife, Amy were in Oregon visiting from Missouri. Amy's sister Jenny got married out here and we couldn't pass up an opportunity to go and see them. Their son, Kloden, was born 10 days after Teagan, so Amy and I have had fun talking about being pregnant together and how we are handling parenthood. Because of the distance, we don't get to see one another very often. It is fun when they come out here to visit Amy's family, who are originally from Oregon. We were able to meet up for lunch and go back over to Jenny's new house for the boys to play. Teagan was very tired and had had a long day already by the time we saw them, he fell asleep in the car on the way to their house and we woke him up, but Kloden and Teagan seemed to have a good time together.

Kloden and Teagan at the end of the table. Kloden is trying to share his phone with Teagan.

Teagan is helping Kloden color.

The boys.

Sharing a flower.

Amy took a few pictures of us (she has a side business taking wonderful photos), and James did too. You see I am looking at Amy and Teagan is looking at his Daddy.

Jared, Kloden and Teagan

Yes, Kiely came too.
Kloden loved watching Kiely get the ball, he would laugh and run to get her.


Picking flowers

Kloden exploring the grass too.

Now it was Teagan's turn to play with Kiley.

Kloden, what did you find?

The cousin's exploring these rock stairs.

Teagan found a nice stick.

Waving the stick around.

Watch where you step!

Thanks Kloden!

It was very cute to watch these guys interact with eachother.
The cousins playing with Kloden's blanket.

Both of them getting into things they shouldn't be touching.

We had fun visiting with the Kuntz family, we hope to see you guys again soon!


  1. Great pics! I just now thought that we should have had a picture of you and I taken together with our boys. Moms always get left out :) At least your hubby likes to take pictures with you in them :)

  2. This is a very cute sequence. Now you can really see how short Teagan is!

  3. Great pix . reminds me of pix of you at that age playing with sasha.