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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Chair

I am very proud of myself, for I have reupholstered this rocking chair. We got this rocking chair from James' Grammy Z, once she passed away earlier this year. We thought it would be nice to have. However, it needed some new material to cover the old stuff and update its look. It did not come with the foot stool. We found it at a garage sale where I begged the man to let me have it for $30 bucks. Looking online for a new one, yes just the stool, it was going to cost $80 or more. So the man and I settled on $35 because is wife was not going to be happy with him, since she did not want him to sell it at all!
Meow, our cat, likes the chair very much. I find her there, curled up while I am working in Teagan's room.
Yes, Meow helped me sew up the material. She enjoyed playing with the scraps that where hanging down or left over.

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  1. The rocking chair looks great! That is so hilarious about the foot stool. haah