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Thursday, November 20, 2008

OB appt 11/17/08

It is hard to see, I know, but this is a graph/chart of how big Teagan is compared to other babies at my gestation. You can see there is a blue dot in between 90% and 50%, that is where Teagan is. He is in the 75th percentile, which means that only 25% of babies are bigger at this stage, so he is pretty big! The doctor estimated, when he did the ultrasound, that he weighs 4lbs 7oz already!

Here is the confirmation that we are still having a BOY! So what are you looking at....? You are looking up at "him" as if he were sitting on a glass table and you were below the table looking up and Teagan was sitting with his legs apart. Catch my drift? What you can see is his thigh, scrotum, and penis in the middle.

This round object is his head! We couldn't see his face because he is already head down in position. But the doctor measured his head, and said it was normal. So that is good.

Here is a belly shot! 11/18/08
You can see just a little bit of the new changing table in the background that James put together, with a teddy bear strapped down.

Again another crotch shot!
So this was a pretty fun visit! We arrived at the appt, and I of course was dreading getting on that damn scale, for what it gave me as a result last time was not so glorious (you may remember my 11lbs gain and the mean nurse), okay, moving on.. So as they called me back I am happy to see that the regular (nice) nurse is back! I told her what happen last time and she apologized and said that the other nurse was filling in for her. So I take a deep breath and get on the scale, drum role please.......3lbs! Yes, that's right! I only gained 3 lbs since my last visit, which was 4-5wks ago!!!!!Yeah! I am so excited for it! So total so far I've gained 29lbs.
Last appt, we had asked the doctor if we get to have any more ultrasounds, and he said generally no, that they don't do anymore after 20wks to determine the sex. But since we have a wonderful doctor who likes looking at babies he said that next time (this visit) if we wanted to we could take another look, a little sneak peak! So we were very excited to have this. My girlfriend was teasing me that, what if this time when we looked, "he" was really a "she". Oh Great, I was thinking....all this boy stuff! Any way I am happy to report that as you can see above in the photos we are still having a boy! So much so that when the doctor put the ultrasound up to my belly, the first thing he said was,"Oh look defiantly a boy!" "There is is scrotum, and his 'other' part, and Oh look, he's peeing! Do you see the bubbles!?" Oh yes indeed, this is our son! It was very funny, we were all laughing! So he is head down, his spine/back is closer to my left side and his butt which loves to push up under my ribs is on the right side, along with his hands and feet are on my right side. We listened to his heart beat, beating at 149bpm, which is just beautiful! In all we had a great appt, and I go back in 2 weeks now, I'll be 35wks pregnant, then once I hit 37wks, I'll go every week.


  1. Awww, what a great appointment. I loved all of your u/s photos too. So sweet. YAY for having it confirmed that Teagan's a boy still!

  2. Nice going, Teagan! After that birthing class, I was worried that the labor assistants (including all the grandmas) might have to learn to help you turn around in there on your birthday. . . .