Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Friends & Family

Here is my Aunt Jackie, my Grandma, me, my Aunt Kathy who flew in from Carson City, Nevada to celebrate with us, and my Aunt Mary. My family is very excited that Obama/ Biden won, they are very into politics. So they insisted we take a picture with the sign.
Anyhow, it was very special that they were all there, especially since my mom couldn't come down from Oregon to be there. But she'll be at the Oregon Baby Shower!
This is James' best friend, Jamie. James and I both just love her! She is a lot like me, but I am a bit more feisty, if you know what I mean. hehe.

This is my friend Marilia, from work. Again, her and I are a lot alike, both very feisty!

Here is my cousin Shakira's boyfriend, Brandon, Shakira, my Aunt Jackie, and my Aunt Mary deep in thought, trying desperately trying to win a game!

Aahhh, the Great-Grandma's to-be are working together on one of the games.

This are great friends of ours. Anne Marie and Geert, their son was a very special patient of mine who had cancer, and passed away at the young age of 17, on Aug.3, 2005. J.W. was the greatest boy I've met, so courageous and funny! He was always thinking of others and wanted to help out the community. Please check out his website for more information.

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