Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Monday, November 17, 2008


Here is the loot!These are two stocking caps that Jill knitted for us, well for Teagan rather. We'll use them since he'll be born in the winter, and up here in the northwest, it can stay cold for quite some time! Thanks Jill!
Soft green fuzzy blanket, with a matching coat that have eyes on the hood with matching froggie booties! So cute and sooo soft!

Jill bought us this big Pooh Bear. His ears make a funny sound when you move them around, and he is so soft!

The Scott family bought us this bath robe with matching wash cloths, and towel. I think the robe is so cute, everyone at the party was saying it could be Teagan's smoking jacket. (don't even think about smoking Teagan!) Or they said he'll be the next Hue Hefner.

James and I with a basket full of goodies!

James is very excited to have his "Man Bag!" We each are going to have a bag.

This is a Beanie that Shelagh bought for Teagan, this is so her too! It is funny.

Yes, my husband is such a goof with his faces. Grandma Kathleen bought us our changing table and this the changing pad that goes with it. I will be putting up pictures of the changing table soon, James just put it together tonight.

This is a tray full of goodies that was part of a game that we played. Jill walked around with the tray and once she left the room everyone had to try and remember what was on it.
A big Thank You goes out to all that attended our shower. You made it very special for us. We look forward to seeing you soon and are able to meet Teagan when he arrives. We are planning on coming back down there (California) in Feb-March sometime.


  1. Your shower looked like such fun. You got a lot of great things, you will be useing soon!

    Love, Aunt Judy ps Were the cakes as good as they looked? yummm!!