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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Guy Games!

Here is my husband, father of my child, wiping the mysterious baby food out of his nose. He really was into the game and got a little too into it, if you catch my drift. Nice one babe!
James makes the funniest faces, with Geert in the background trying to help.

Take a good wiff, babe.

Here is James' Uncle Steve, Brandon, my cousin Nathan, and Tim all anticipating their turn to smell/taste the mysterious baby food out of the diaper.

This is James' best friend Phil. He is very much into deep thought on what this is. Looks yummy huh!
The object of this games was that we had 8 diapers that had baby food in them, to look like a messy diaper.The first couple of the diapers, they guys could not look, but then the last few they could. They could taste, smell, and touch! This was a game totally for guys, right up their alley. It was pretty funny to watch them make faces. I swear they thought we were going to have real poop in them by their expressions!

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