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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This is my best childhood friend, Maggie with baby Teagan. She has twin girls that were preemie as well, so she has experience with little babies.

My girlfriend, Jen, feeding him.

Grandpa Lee (my dad) with Teagan. He just loves being a grandpa so far. He will just pop on by the house to check in to see how we are doing. (Notice the hair line...)

Everyone loves to come by to see Teagan, and they seem to come by when he is ready to eat. So they are able to get some hands on time with him. Teagan generally goes 3 hours in between feedings. Sometimes if we are lucky he will go 4hrs, but the doctors don't want him going longer than 4hrs without eating.
Today we had our 2nd doctor appt. and Teagan is doing great. Today he is back up to his birth wieght of 5lbs 14oz. (some of you may recall his birth wieght being 5lbs 13oz, we have heard two different numbers, the birth certificate says 5lbs 14oz, but we were intially told 5lbs 13oz) In any case he is growing nicely and we are to come back in 2wks for another wieght mesurement. With preemies they want to make sure that he is on the up hill slope.
James and I are getting a system down for the feedings. I usually change him while James is getting his bottle warmed up, then he feeds him while I pump. Then he will clean the bottle and the pumping equipment while I burp him. This ordeal usually takes 45min-1hr, each feeding. I am pumping, so he is getting my breast milk one way or another.
Teagan and I are still trying and learning about the whole breast feeding deal. It is hard for him, because he is used to the bottle and his pacifier, that when it comes to latching on to my nipple he is looking for a huge perdominate nipple, well let's get serious here, maybe give me an ice cube and see what I can do, otherwise we just have to be patent. However, when he is able to latch on, WOW! Watch out! He has quite the sucker!

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