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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oregon Baby Shower

I had my baby shower this last weekend, it was planned for a long time, 12/13/08, I would be through with school, and have a few weeks before my due date.....and well not so much. I was still able to have my shower at my Aunt Jane's house, which my girfriend Jen hosted, but we had an extra guest, Teagan! My Aunt Jane had to call and change the wording on the cake, and we had to change the game, "guess the circumphrance of the belly." In all we had a nice time. Thanks to all that came!
Teagan's room is an airplane theme, and Jen found some neat woodend toy planes and this cubed picture plane frame.

Cute little shoes

Ya' know if your from the Northwest wear Carhartts!

and....if you own a red flannel! I swear I've had boyfriends that have had this shirt!!!

My mom and I.
She and her friend Karyl, made up all the food!


  1. Nice, Laurel! I was just working on the pix for my blog post of the shower. You'll see it when it gets posted soon!

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  3. Aww, how fun. The cake looks delicious!