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Friday, December 26, 2008


Sleeping peacfully, with his little hands up by his chin.

So sweet

Teagan has to have his hands/arms out. He does like to be swaddled, but we know when he starts to fuss we know he wants his hands/arms free.

Teagan also likes to have his hands by his face. It comforts him, even when he his being fed he has to have hands touching eachother.
Looks like he is holding his binkie.
Spending a little quality time with Grandma Tapir (Sheryl).

Grandma Tapir (Sheryl) with Teagan.
He was a bit fussy, but then she put him on her shoulder and off to sleep he went.


  1. Kloden is starting to want to have his hands/arms free too when he's swaddled. Teagan is precious :)

  2. Jacob always wanted his arms free too. He hated being swaddled. Funny how we are told most kids want to be swaddled, then most babies I know tend to want their arms and hands free! Jacob is still like that at 15 months, hates being held down by anything. Hope all is well with you guys - and you had a good holiday. Chris just left an hour ago to get back to Astoria on the train, it was a fun visit! Miss you. Jess