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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Peter Iredale

This is a photo of the Peter Iredale Ship that was built in 1885. It recked here on the Oregon coast on October 25, 1906. Parts of it still remains, and I have been going out there and playing on what is left of the ship since I was little. Below is what it looks like today.

Rusty frame

Barnacles live on the lower part of the frame.

Here is looking through it towards the front of the ship.

Here it is in the snow.

Here it sits on a regular day.

When the tide is really low, and the sand has washed away, you can actually still see some of the teak decking.


  1. The 'Peter Iredale" was launched in June of 1890 at the R. Ritson & Co shipyard in Maryport England