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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Update

James is so great at getting Teagan to eat! Teagan loves his Daddy!

James and I swaddle Teagan up nice and tight, however, he always seems to get his hands free!

Aunt Jane (Auntie Gram) with Teagan. She just loves him and is so excited to be a part of his life!

Cute little hands.

Ohhh, Big Yawn!

So let's see here. We had a nice visit with my Aunt Jane and Sheryl yesterday, they drove up here to Portland from Astoria (a two hour drive, one way) to visit us. They have been so excited about Teagan's arrival. They were both here with us when he was born and just could stand to be away from us. Three days was too long for them to not see him. Love you guys!
Teagan also had the second hearing test done yesterday. The other day the lady only was able to do the left ear and then Teagan decided to wake up and eat, so she was going to have to come back to complete the right ear another day. So yesterday a different gal came and finished the test. Good news, both ears work just fine!
Teagan has continued to do really well. While my Aunt Jane and Sheryl were up here, Teagan decided he had enough of his feeding tube and pulled it out! Yikes! It is okay though, because the doctor wanted to see anyway how he would do on his own. The last few days he has been meeting his eating minimum, and hasn't needed the tube, so we had to wait and see how he would do through the night time feedings without it. James and I slept in a bit this morning (in between the 2am breast feeding) to get some rest. While we were at my mom's house I received a phone call from the doctor. He reported in that Teagan did quite well through the night, and that he left the feeding tube out. He said the soonest he might be able to go home is Tuesday! So keep your fingers crossed. (kinda scary) He might be getting circumcised tomorrow (Monday) if the other doctor is available. (poor little guy). The doctor also discussed with us about giving him his first set of vaccines, Hep B vaccine is what they'll give him.
Today Teagan is having his car seat challenge. He has to be put into his car seat, and stay in there for an hour and a half without his oxygen level dropping. He is so small in it, and I will post up pictures of him in it soon. Because we have more then an hour and a half drive back to the coast they want to make sure he'll do okay in it.
Tomorrow, I have a lactation appt, to see if I can get any more tips on breast feeding. James and I are also going to go to an Infant CPR class. I, as most of you know am certified in infant, child and adult CPR for my job. But James wants me to go with him, plus it will be a nice refresher, and I can always learn something new.
James and I are both hanging in there, although it is tough being away from home. I have my moments of tears for whatever reason, and it will be nice to get home and start our own routine. James is a terrific husband and father. He loves Teagan and me so much, that I fall more in love with him each day.
Stay tuned for more updates.


  1. Oh, Laurel.. Teagan is SO beautiful. Makes me want Kloden here so much more. A huge CONGRATULATIONS to you and James. So glad to hear Teagan is doing so well and I can't wait to hear when you get to take him home.

  2. Congratulations, I'm so very happy everyone is doing well. Teagan is adorable, let me know when your ready to have visitors when you get home. Love ya girl! Julia Q

  3. Excited to see more pictures! Can't wait to see you guys! Miss you! Jess

  4. Very cool, I can't wait to meet the little guy! - Kirk

  5. Laurel & James
    Congratulations on your little Boy.. he is so beautiful. I know that its really overwhelming & exciting at the sametime but he is in the best hands. If you need anything im only a phone call away.. knowing what it's like to be in your shoes im always here for you. can't wait to see you guys when your home and settled.
    love always