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Thursday, June 17, 2010

1st and 1st Half of the 2nd Day in Bend

Sunday Teagan and I drove to Bend to spend the week with my dad. We had spent the night with James at my girlfriend, Jen's house in Vancover, Washington, then James went home to work and Teagan and I went on to Bend. Luckily, Teagan had had eaten his lunch right before we got in the car and fell asleep after being on the road for approximately 5 miles, and slept for 1 1/2 hours! It was an easy and pretty 150 mile drive.

I took Hwy 26, East, over Mt. Hood.

Here is another look at Mt. Hood.

My precious boy asleep.
The next morning Teagan woke up at 6:15am ready and wide awake! So needless to say we were up! Mommy needed coffee, so my dad took us down to a coffee shop in Bend called Backporch Coffee Roasters, that was pretty laid back.
Teagan looking at the Poppy flowers.

Of course Teagan finds a stick, typical boy.

After coffee, we headed to a park for Teagan to play.

Mr. Independent, he wants to climb up by himself.

This was pretty big play structure and even though Teagan wants to be a little independent, my dad was right behind him.

Hum, this might be a bit bigger slide then the one we have at our house...

Ok, Grandpa and Teagan went down together a few times.

Teagan loves the swing, he practically fell asleep swinging, he could hardly keep his eyes open. But what was cute was that there was another grandpa pushing his grandson on the other swing.


  1. It was fun to get to see this. Nice times with Grandpa Lee. And hey . . . I guess it was Teagan taking the pictures while you were supposed to be driving???

  2. Strange. I posted 2 comments to Zoo Day and neither one is showing up, but the message said they posted.