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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Portland Zoo

Saturday we were invited by Legacy Emanuel Hospital, NICU, to come and enjoy cupcakes at the Portland Zoo. I had been wanting to go to the zoo for some time now and I was excited to have an opportunity to look at the animals with James and Teagan.

It was a good thing I printed our tickets off at home and didn't have to wait in any long lines.

Teagan enjoying one of the mini cupcakes.

It was very cute, they gave him this sticker to wear that said,"I'm a NICU Graduate of 2008"!

So he had two mini cupcakes, one chocolate and one white one! But at leased he had some Mandarin oranges to go with it and his milk.

James and our little graduate!

After eating cupcakes we went and explored the zoo. It was a pretty warm day so the animals weren't that active. Here, we were looking at two big lazy hippos. I told them to get up and go into the water that they would feel better, but they didn't listen.

So I am bad, and don't remember these guys name, but they are like little deer with skinny legs and they can stand up on their hind legs and eat out of the tree, which is what one of them is doing in the back. I love how green everything is this time of year and with the sun shinning it was just beautiful.

Teagan looking on into an exhibit.

This Cheetah would just pace back and worth and Teagn loved to watch him walk up and down.

I wonder what would happen if there was no glass in between us.....

After a long hot day at the zoo, we took the shuttle back to our car, and I and Teagan were pooped! We were able to rest and close our eyes (so maybe I'm the only one with my eyes shut, but you can't tell cause of my sunglasses), which I just cherish.
We hope to go back when the animals are more active. But we enjoyed it for what it was worth and Teagan loved looking at the animals.


  1. Thanks for taking us all to the zoo with you. It looks like Teagan wants to climb in with the cheetah! I recommend . . . not! I love the pic with you sleeping. And by the way, the standing deer are an antelope called a gerenuk.

    Standing is what they do best :)

  2. I posted a comment, but it didn't post. I said thanks for taking us all to the zoo. I love the pic of you sleeping, of T eating a cupcake, and of him trying to climb in with the cheetah! Also, the standing deer are a kind of antelope called gerenuk. It seems they stand up almost all the time: