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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 4 in Bend

Today was our last full day here in Bend, and wouldn't you know it we had coast-like weather, grey,cloudy, and cool. Not much fun when you have a toddler with pent up energy. Our day started off slowly and after Teagan woke up from his nap we found that the weather was starting to look up.

This is what I found when I went in to get Teagan out of his crib after his nap.

A happy boy ready to get out.

My dad has this great fish tank that Teagan loves to look at.

Soon after Teagan woke up from his nap, Justin from Aquatic Solutions came by to add some new creatures to the fish tank and to do some regular maintenance. My dad trusts and relays on Justin to look after his fish while he goes back and forth to the coast or fishing who knows where. If you live in the Bend area and need a fish guy Justin is the person to call: (541) 350-6279.

Teagan could hardly eat his snack, he was so curious watching what Justin was doing.
(Notice, Teagan is eating Gold Fish crackers, appropriate right.)

Still curious with drink in hand.
After Justin left the weather did in deed improve and we headed out to Drake Park to look at the ducks and Geese.

Teagan following Grandpa Lee.

"Look at the bird right here!"

"Wait for me...."

Teagan and Grandpa holding hands, so that he does not go into Mirror Pond.

Look what's coming!

Does he see them?

Yes he does!

Ducks, Geese, and even baby ducklings.

We did end up enjoying ourselves at the park. Then we headed up to the Farmers Market and strolled around downtown before heading back to the house. We have done a lot this trip and look forward to coming back and exploring more new things.

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