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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Monday, June 28, 2010


We Made it! After a long 12 hour drive we arrived in Los Gatos. Teagan did great! I was anticipating a total and complete meltdown about an hour out, but it never happened. Yeah Teagan! We got in about 4:30pm, so yes that means we left Portland at 4:15am. When we arrived it was hot, high 80's which we are not used to, and Teagan quickly discovered the garden hose. We are all doing just fine with many pictures to come.

Cooling off with Daddy.

Oh yeah what fun!

Ohh, it is cold!

Yippee, water!

After cooling off and changing, we went to pick Apricots from the trees.

A boy, his dog, and a beer!

Both boys looking.

Grandpa Jim on the ladder, Grandma Connie with the basket, James, and Teagan standing by.

Ripe Apricots on the tree.

James picking some, and gave one to Teagan to try.

Oh boy, fresh apricot off the tree!

The next day Grandma Connie surprised us with a fun gift. A water table!
Grandma Connie assembling the table with Teagan's help.

Teagan watching carefully.

Here you go Grandma!

All done! Just adding water!

What a good job Teagan was doing, lifting the water can up and pouring the water in.
Next few photos contain nudity, you've been warned!
Relaxing after playing hard.

Sitting back with his drink close by!

Back to playing!

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  1. Hey, where are the censors when you need them! (Cute post.)