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Monday, June 14, 2010

Knapen's visit Oregon

What a fun surprise to get an email form Anne Marie, JW's mom, to let me know that they were visiting Oregon. They live in the Bay Area, in San Jose, and Geert had some work in Portland and they were able to take the afternoon to meet up. So Thursday afternoon Teagan and I took them to the beach. We had fun visiting, even though it was a little windy.

Teagan pointing at the ocean.

Elisabeth and Teagan

Helena, Elisabeth, me and Teagan all sporting our JW House sweatshirts. We need to get one small enough for Teagan still.

Teagan checking out what is left of the Peter Iredale.

Elisabeth, Helena, and Alexander at the view point lookout at the Jetty.

The Knapen Family.
Anne Marie, Geert, Helena, Alexander, and Elisabeth, and I know JW was there too looking down on us!

Teagan going down the stairs carefully.

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  1. Another fun post. It looks like you all had a good time. It's fun to see T. doing new things like going down the stairs.