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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

California Fun

We have enjoying ourselves quite nicely down here. The weather takes some getting used to for us Northwesters, but other than that we are having fun. I got a few shots of James with his dad, Jim and Teagan. Because of the warm weather and Teagan's new fond enjoyment of water, we bought him a new water play pad. James snapped some pictures of Teagan playing on it while I was at the pool with James' parents relaxing!

James and Teagan having h'orderves.

Jim, James and Teagan.

Teagan in the truck on our way to the store.

I tried to spike his hair.

He is such a ham!

Later that day:
Ya know, why not.

Let's see if two will fit.

It's a statement, don't you think.

It doesn't stop him from playing.

Having fun in the water!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Haircut and Havanna

Sunday was our first full day down here in California and boy was it a hot one,a whopping 92 degrees! First off I gave Teagan a haircut. Have you ever tried to give a haircut to a moving target? Good thing Grandma Connie distracted Teagan with the hose while I was able to get down to it.
James spent the day with his best friend, Phil, flying. Phil has his private pilots licence and plane so the went flying for the day near Lake Thaoe. I was happy to have him back on solid ground. We then met up at Phil's house for dinner with his wife, Angie and daughter, Havanna. Teagan had a good time playing with someone his size Havanna, who is a year older than Teagan.

Hold still.

Now the back.

Nothing quite like getting a haircut in the morning in your jammies, while playing with the hose.

Off came the, now we,t jammies.
I love how both Teagan and Kiely are both looking.

Stretching tall as the water falls.

Are you looking at me?

He could care less about the haircut.

Back to the hose Mommy.

Later, at Phil and Angie's house:



Havanna and Teagan playing with the sand.

Havanna would hide inside the play house while Teagan would open and close the door.

After dinner, Ice Cream!
Both James and Teagan eating their ice cream. This was Teagan's first ice cream cone.

Phil sharing his ice cream sandwich with Havanna.

The kids sitting in their chairs.

Daddy helping Teagan with his.

Too cute!

Dive right in guys!

Phil, Havanna, James, Teagan and Luddy their dog.

Monday, June 28, 2010


We Made it! After a long 12 hour drive we arrived in Los Gatos. Teagan did great! I was anticipating a total and complete meltdown about an hour out, but it never happened. Yeah Teagan! We got in about 4:30pm, so yes that means we left Portland at 4:15am. When we arrived it was hot, high 80's which we are not used to, and Teagan quickly discovered the garden hose. We are all doing just fine with many pictures to come.

Cooling off with Daddy.

Oh yeah what fun!

Ohh, it is cold!

Yippee, water!

After cooling off and changing, we went to pick Apricots from the trees.

A boy, his dog, and a beer!

Both boys looking.

Grandpa Jim on the ladder, Grandma Connie with the basket, James, and Teagan standing by.

Ripe Apricots on the tree.

James picking some, and gave one to Teagan to try.

Oh boy, fresh apricot off the tree!

The next day Grandma Connie surprised us with a fun gift. A water table!
Grandma Connie assembling the table with Teagan's help.

Teagan watching carefully.

Here you go Grandma!

All done! Just adding water!

What a good job Teagan was doing, lifting the water can up and pouring the water in.
Next few photos contain nudity, you've been warned!
Relaxing after playing hard.

Sitting back with his drink close by!

Back to playing!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Last Morning in Bend

The morning we left to come home, we went to Starbucks in Bend with my dad before leaving. I caught a few sweet moments with Teagan and my dad playing. My dad was wearing his new T-Shirt that says,"Grandpas Rule."

My dad and Teagan sharing a seat.

Big smiles!


Ohhh, look who stole Grandpa's drink!